The Journey Begins

Hi! Welcome to my blog.

I’m going to try and document my journey to becoming a Secondary School Science Teacher as I move into my thirties.

My Journey began in 2018 when I started working on my UCAS Application for ITT (Initial Teacher Training). As the application process opened in October I was at my laptop and started filling in all the information required, including digging out my GCSE certificates and getting a new copy of my Degree and transcript. The trickiest part was writing my Personal Statement, 47 lines and up to 4000 characters to describe my desire to teach, why I’d be a good teacher and my professional and academic history. It took a lot of drafts and a lot of help from my advisor from Get into Teaching.

Whilst working on my statement I managed to get two days experience in different Secondary Schools in my area, one an OFSTED rated Outstanding Catholic School, the other a Satisfactory newly formed Academy. Both schools were part of the same MAT (Multi Academy Trust), and this meant I got to observe how the same policies were implemented with two very different groups of students and teachers. I learnt a lot during my observations and confirmed that I did actually want to be a teacher.

Once I’d honed the statement and managed to wedge it into the tiny box in UCAS (removing all of my lovely formatting) I had to find two referee’s who would be able to attest to my professional and personal suitability for my new career choice. Luckily, I work with a lot of great people so had a lot to choose from, I managed to whittle it down to the two I wanted and a back up if they declined or couldn’t do it in time for some reason. After checking they were happy to be my referee’s I added their information into my application and sent it through.

Two weeks passed and neither of my references had been completed so I sent reminders and chivvied them, nicely, in person and before three weeks had passed both references were in and I could officially submit my application to my three chosen courses (I chose two university led courses and one SCITT (School Centered Initial Teacher Training)). I paid my application fee (a whole £1) and off it went. Now I just had to wait and see if I would be invited to an interview….

I didn’t have to wait long!

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